Count in Chart


so can’t seem to get this working. Can I do a count in a bar chart. I’ve got a table called “inventory” but in this table I also save all the sales data. So it looks like a bit like

Name Purchase costs Sell Costs Sell Month Sell Year
Item A 3 10 November 2023

This table also holds items which have not been sold yet. So it could look like

Name Purchase Price Sell Price Sell Month Sell Year
Item A 3 10 November 2023
Item B 10 x x x
Item C 20 x x x
Item D 15 30 October 2023

I now want, for dashboarding purposes, a chart with a bar chart with a count of Sell Price. So it needs to count all the values in the Sell Price Column and be able to sort that per month and exclude the empty values for products not yet sold. For some reason I get duplicates in the chart and not a grand total per month. Any clue on how to do this? Thanks in advance.

You could create a separate table for the chart, one row per year-month pair. You could then relate the chart table to the sales table, and apply a rollup computed column to the relation.