Could there be a way to customise field labels based on a "settings" sheet?

Currently, as I understand it, field labels are whatever is in the header row of your sheet.

So, if I’ve got a sheet called Notes, and that has three fields “Title”, “Details”, “Date” which are the defined in the header columns of the sheet.

(Forgive me if Google translate got the following wrong…)

However, someone if in Spain wants to use my app and for them they want “Título”, “Detalles”, “Fecha”.

Would be really cool if I could have a “Language” sheet for field titles which would look something like this:

Then in a “Settings” sheet, I could have a Language setting.

In an app, you could then give access to the user to edit the Language setting and the Language sheet so they could add their own language and field labels.

Finally, In the Layout config, there would be an option to select both the Language setting and the Language source sheet. If not set, then the existing column headers would be used as the field names.

Does all that make sense?

PS The NOTIF in settings is just there as an example of another setting - and at time of writing, Glide doesn’t yet support notifications but is said to be on the roadmap.

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