Copyright Protection

@david Is there a way to copyright protect an app? I’m checking with my attorney on this also.

App resides in your account so no one else sees it I guess. I am sure glide can’t steal it and run away with your idea, is that correct guys? But still it will be good to hear from glide staff/experts about this. It is one of the biggest risk a company faces to protect IP.

I believe you automatically have a copyright for anything you create, including your Glide apps.

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In 1978, US copyright law was amended so that you no longer need to register a created work for it to be protected by copyright. Copyright is automatically granted the moment the work is created. This puts the responsibility on the creator to make sure they have their own records that prove they created the work and when. For analog works this can be a little tricky, but mailing yourself a copy of the work and not opening it is pretty reliable. In the digital age everything is stamped so proving that you created something like an app and when you created it is pretty easy.


Thanks @John_Cabrera That makes complete sense but needed to be sure. Being in business for over 30 years helping companies increase productivity and profits… I’ve seen it all. If you’re serious about providing mobile app solutions for business, this is not an area to be taken lightly.

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