Can I download or export my app's source code?

Hi, i want to call my API when click a button in glide app, i think the only way to achieve that is download source code and do it my self, so how to download source code?

This is not possible, there is no source code for your apps.

Will the source code be available in the future?

Btw, great an interesting solution :slight_smile:

I hope source code could be available , as far i can see Glide is a great tool but have some issues , the audioplayer …is very poor and as far i can see there is no subscription in app mechanism yet…, this blocks me and makes me look around…but i really do hope to have ,if not the source code …at least a fancy audio player very eye candy and deeply customizable and a monthly subscription module…for now is great,but meh…and if i’m not wrong i can’t submit the glide’s app to the stores…

Thanks for replying I am very new to the tech world but I have finished my MVP in glide yay! I thought I needed the code to get the app copyrighted. Is this not necessary? Thanks!

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Code is not available. Even if it was, I think it will be hard to copyright it as the code is being generated by the platform and I expect all glide apps would have very similar code in the main.

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I’ve never read Glide’s terms and condition. When you build your app, I don’t know if the app and data belong to you.

From a practical perspective, once you create your Glide app and then publish it, it is like you created a very cool app-like website – a progressive web app – that is perfectly usable, shareable and it is hosted by Glide. When improvements are made to the builder, you can improve your app in the builder directly from within your browser: no need to download code, compile it, host it, no AWS. It’s all taken care of for you.

If Glide’s servers go offline however, I suspect your app would go offline as well (?).

If you do want to export your data (your tables), you can go to your app builder, settings, data, data export.


Thank you!