Copy Page similar to App?

The option to share is shown as “APP COPY … Allow anyone with the link to copy the app & sheet”

This doesn’t seem to work, I can only assume that it’s legacy from a template used to create Pages and doesn’t currently maintain the same functionality for Pages…

Same deal with the “About screen,” the options are there to edit, but do not seem to do anything on Pages.

Am I missing something?

Do you mean it’s not working for an App?

If you mean that this copy functionality is not available for Pages, I don’t think it has ever been available since Pages came out.

That’s exactly what I mean, I’d like to make a copy of my Page and the copy option is for Apps…

It does seem to be that its functionality was intended for the App and not Page.

Would duplicating the page through the glide dashboard be sufficient, or are you trying to make the page accessible for other people to copy?

I need to make it accessible for other’s to copy.


Yeah, unfortunately it’s not available as of now.

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