Copy entire column and write to another with an Action...?

I would like to copy a column (a computed column) to a user-specific writable column. Is this possible? I don’t see a way to copy a column like this in the Action options, and since it’s user specific I can’t write to it from Google.

The only way I know to set values for an entire column is using a computed column, which isn’t ok because I need to write directly to the column. Or with Set Column Values… to copy one column into the other… ooof… would have to transpose the column to copy from, into a bunch of rows, and in Set Column Values, select each column of the transpose into the corresponding row of the column to set… and that’s not feasible with numerous rows.

Here’s the reason I want to do this, incase other options are suggested. Setting swipe order, custom to each user.

In my swipe-to-match friending app, I need a user-specific column to for the swipe data so that when one user is swiping it’s not changing up the display while others are trying to read bios. But if I do user-specific column it goes by sheet order, and then some profiles get all the first views and others don’t get seen for weeks. What I want to do is have a random number column get set to the user-specific column. And later, I’d like to create a function instead of random number, to give user-specific priorities to the stack order.

The best solution I’ve come to so far is to create a list of all the profiles, not actually displaying any useful info… and this list is sorted by my preference (or random) factor. Taping the item is attached to action of setting the preference factor to the swipe data column. By doing this, a user can go to the “prime your stack” tab, tap through a dozen or so of the listed items, and then go over to the swipe tab. Obviously not a good solution and I’d much rather set the entire swipe data column to be my computer order in a single action (built into the swipe.)

Thanks for your help!

In short I think you’re looking for a way to randomly display cards to swipe. I think @Jeff_Hager 's answer here captures the state we’re at now.