Copy data to other document

I need copy data of the app o Windows o Android to other si te but I can’t select.

How is posible to solved the problem?


You can export your data and it will be emailed to you.

that option doesn’t work for me, hanks

Do you mean select a text in the app to copy it somewhere?

Yes, I can Copy of app or PC

There’s a “copy to clipboard” action. You can use it in a button or an action text component to copy the parts you need.

I want to retrieve a date field from another sheet and display it on a user form screen
I don’t know how to find the solution, I tried a relation field that works well with text fields but not with dates, which have the same SHORT format.
Do you have any advice?
thank you so much

If you are comparing dates for a relation, you need to make sure the full underlying timestamp matches. You may be displaying just the date, but underneath, it will still have a time attached to it. If those times differ, then the relation won’t work. You can try to create a template of the date columns, which locks down the formatting and turns it into a string. Then use those template columns for your relation.

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Thanks, but how to create a template to transform date in texte ?
I try to relate


but when I show the first field I see

This normal that fields don’t match.

How to convert in the texte this date fillds, they have the same format :frowning:

Add a template column, type in any character you want, and then add a replacement value that’s the same character. Point that replacement value to you date column.

This is OK, I learned that the template transforms the date into text, Thank you Jeff,

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Hello, OK, I copy to clipboard
But how to retrieve the clipboard n a field ?

What do you mean by this?

I suspect he’s referring to this:

there are an action copy to clipboard, where you can select the field that you want,

I am therefore looking for how to recover what I put in.

If Glide allow this action I hope to find how to use what I stock in,

without Profil and User specific column as Darren suggest me

Thanks a lot

yeah, you can’t do that.
The purpose of the Copy to Clipboard action is to allow the user to copy a value and then use it elsewhere. There is no way that I’m aware of to read the contents of the clipboard and use in an action. Even if you could, that would be incredibly unreliable, because you could never guarantee that the clipboard contains what you expect it to.

exact : how use it elsewhere

my idea is:
I copy the date in the clipboard and in the registration form when I create the ADD row record by action, I copy the content of the clipboard into the date field

yes, I understand what your idea is, but you cannot do that.
The only way you could get the clipboard data back is if you ask the user to paste it in there.
To get access to data in a row that’s just been created, you need to do one of two things:

  • either navigate directly to that row, or
  • store the value you need to re-use in a column somewhere that you can get at it.

The users clipboard is not that place.

Thank you Darren,
I understood that this is not possible so I am reviewing the entire creation of a registration process.
So later