Coping multiple columns formulas to another database

The thing is that im building an editable table that has some values that can change an other not, and some rows that are formulas that change on users inputs, but to do that i have to make every row in a specific editable and non editable column. like this:

The problem with this is that is very tedious to do this with every table that i have because there are so many rows that i need to have, as you can see:

(being the last column the one that the user its going to see)

and i know that i can do this manually with every database, but i have 6 more to go and doing that its gonna take me a lot of hours to acomplish. but if only i can copy every column that i create in this database, and paste them on every database with only changing their initial values can save me a lot of time of work.

How can i do this? :frowning: ,

Thanks to you all!

So you mean you’ll show this table to the end user and they can edit some columns?

Your problem is the time it takes to configure which column is editable on the front end?