Container size 1:2

Anyone having trouble in a 1:2 container with a horizontal collection (CARD) when the collection is in the right side (the 2) ?

If I use any size other than “XL CARD size” it looks something like this with 1 item in the table and with 3 items. It looks normal with 5 items in the table.

3 items:

Bug or is there a nuance to using container shapes. This is the only time I use a 1:2 container cause it looks good for this set of data.

I’ve seen the same thing myself, Matt. We should definitely have design look at this.

Hey @tristan, did you know about this one?

Thanks for taking a look. Everything under 5 items is wonky (very skinny and centered within the container/collection for every CARD size less than XL); 5 or more and every card size looks fine (not centered and the correct size).