Container in Glideapps

I can’t find this Feature Request on the community, but it would be really great if we had Containers for Glideapps.

My main reason for this would be that it will become very easy to apply visibility conditions on a container instead of adding it on individual components.

How hard did you look? :wink:


Hahaha, honestly I did.

I typed in containers for app in the search but nothing appeared even though I was sure it would already be in the community :smile:.

Well, let’s consider this as a reminder for our Glide Team to prioritize this :smile:


+1 big need. Very annoying to add visibility conditions to a dozen individual items.

Very unlikely for Apps. Apps will be slowly phased out in favor of Pages. Pages are now the focus going forward.

Apps will still be available into next year, but don’t expect a lot of improvements to Apps. I would recommend rebuilding your App as a Page if possible, or wait for several improvements coming to Pages in the next several months.

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