Tabbed Container

A new container option that allows you to switch between different tabs to show different information per container tab. This would solve the tedious requirement to create a user-specific column and filter based on a choice component with many containers.

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and visibility conditions per tab

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I’d love this. Even more, I’d love the tabs to be stored in a table, so that they can be dynamically added to / filtered within the app

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This is one that I’ve requested in the past too. I see it working like a container for containers (which might require Glide to actually allow nested containers)

The menu container can be set to do nothing (just a container for containers) or tabbed which allows the builder to name the child containers and the user to switch between the nested containers via tabs or menu navigation:


It would be a big plus for the user experience. It allows for a much more intuitive navigation in many cases, on desktop and mobile.


This would enhance glide massively I think.


Let’s go people! Upvote!



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I wish. @David confirmed that Glide prioritizes feature requests that:

  1. Get the most votes AND
  2. Would greatly improve internal business apps

Improved navigation certainly falls into both categories.


Now that I really need this in my own apps, at Glide, I’ll push for it even more :wink:


YEAAAAAH BUDDY! :tada: :facepunch:


A really good example of what I’m looking for:


Let’s Go!!! This would be a game changer! :fire:

Would love to see and use this to structure heavy data inputs/outputs. +1

Just want to add to this request in the event that it does become a reality. I would really love the capability to embed tabs within tabs. My concern is that a tabbed interface would become part of the container component, and currently you can’t embed containers within containers. I could work around it with various workarounds, but natively being able to do multiple levels of tabs would be awesome.

For example, I’ve had this setup in my classic app for a few years. The Tests category has 3 subcategories underneath it that are unique only to the Tests category. I’ve been trying to rebuild my app as a new app, but some of these things are hard to reproduce in both design, functionality, and just general app flow…or I end up using a bunch of updates just for navigation.



@david Any movement on this?

Yes, we have a bunch of component improvements coming this quarter.


Will the new components be included only in the new tariff plans?