Container Background Image Specs / Behavior

Is there an ideal size for a container component background image? It seems to start upscaling at a certain point if it is too short, or starts to scale down if it it is too wide, but I don’t know what is driving those limits. I’ve been fiddling with and re-uploading the same image over and over and don’t feel much closer to figuring this out.

Overall, I want to have just a strip of background pattern at the top of the container. I’m doing that by using an image with the pattern just in the top, with lots of white space below, but I’m just not succeeding at figuring out a good width to height ratio, or a good overall width. I know some of this is variable based on container height and whether I’m in desktop or mobile view mode.


Hm. I had this issue a while back too. I wasn’t able to figure it out. Perhaps @tristan or @Ivo_Elbert could weigh in?