Construct URL support

Looking for help. The Glide documentation for Construct URL doesn’t seem to discuss Query Parameters.

  • What are they?
  • What are the used for?
  • How do you find the parameter names for the destination for which you are constructing the URL?

I have successfully built a Construct URL column that links directly to a Stripe payment screen. I need the email address entered in Glide to auto fill in the email field of the Stripe screen. If my “no-code” brain is understanding correctly, I need to enter the correct Stripe parameter name in order for the Glide email field to properly map to it.

Thanks for you help.

Hola @fluittsolutions

Here’s an article that explains a little about URL parameters.


You are understanding it correctly, but the main question is if Stripe supports prefilling fields via URL or not.

I was chatting with Stripe support and it doesn’t seem that they do.

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It does seem to be the case.