Is there a way to create a value that is a constant to be used in calculations across all tables?


Yes, it’s possible.

E.g., create a table called Constants for these things, later, use a Single Value column to find/use any constant/value in any other table you want.



I usually put “global variables” in my User Profiles table. This makes them directly accessible from anywhere in the app.

For example, if I’m using CSS then most (if not all) of my CSS will reside in template columns in the User Profile table. And I usually have a bunch of Date math columns there as well - “today”, “this year”, “last year”, “30/60/90 days ago”, etc.


Thank you, Gentlemen!

Does it matter what type of column it is in the User table?

Whichever column type feels suitable for what you need. Doesn’t matter, but obviously not something like an array, which can’t be used as a single value.

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So if I had a column such as Rate, would I have to enter the rate value in each person’s profile for that column even though the rate would be the same for each?

You could use a math column. Just enter the rate without any formula or replacement.

Got it. And if was just text I would use a Template column?

Yep :+1:


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