Connecting to Stripe

I got this message when trying to connect my stripe account, not sure if it’s a Stripe issue or a Glide issue, but checking to see if anyone else has found this & if they found anything that helped!

{“error”:{“message”:“No application matches the supplied client identifier”}}

I realized i had it connected to my other account, & still same issue

Hi @carrabre. Could you share screenshots with me please?

Of course! @Daniel_Sweet

@carrabre That’s unfortunately not a useful screenshot for me.

Exactly what steps did you take in Glide to end up there? Start from what happens when you click the “Connect” link in the Buy Button configuration.

Sorry @Daniel_Sweet - I selected the buy button & placed it in glide. It told me to connect to stripe. I clicked connect to stripe,

And then when i was redirected after clicking connect my stripe, that’s where i got the above screenshot.

It seems that there’s something wrong with our integration with Stripe at the moment. We’re seeing similar errors for unrelated Stripe operations in our internal testing as well. We’ve contacted their support and will be investigating this together.

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Awesome, thank you so much!!

Hi @Daniel_Sweet,

I’m new here and happy to say hello to the Glide community. :grinning:

Could this issue also cause a blank screen at checkout? This is what has happened to me.

I was just going to record a video tutorial and, when trying to prove a purchase, I could not finish the process.

Thanks and kind regards.

Im getting the "Something went wrong " Message when i try t make a dummy purchase with the 4242 4242 4242 4242 number… for this app.

The dummy credit card only works on our staging instance.

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Hey There, do we know if the bug has been fixed between Stripe and connecting to Checkout? Also getting either a blank Checkout Screen or it says “Something went wrong…” message.


@Janaki no not fixed yet, still having the issue

This is what I get when I try to connect Stripe:
“error”: “invalid_redirect_uri”,
“error_description”: “Invalid redirect URI ‘’. Ensure this uri exactly matches one of the uris specified in your application settings”,
“state”: “retuve0u1aPKwjap2x5N”