Connect Pages to Firestore

We have a mobile app that uses Firebase/Firestore as its backend, and it would be great if we could use Glide Pages to build our admin site, using the same data. Is there currently any way how we could achieve that? Maybe via Zapier? Or maybe synching Firestore with Google Sheets?

I’ll give Zapier a try. Any ideas are welcome.

Also, could we expect Firestore to become a supported source anytime soon?




Tested Zapier and it works great for creating new records, from Glide to Firestore, but it can’t update those records. It only works one way too, from Glide to FS, not the other way around.

I also thought of using Sheets instead of Glide Tables, to make Sheets the middleman, but it’s the same deal: can only create new records on FS, no update.

Now I’m thinking if maybe this could be done via Integromat (here and here).

Or maybe with Glide’s webhooks.

Our mobile app is built on Flutterflow, btw.

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