Connect longitude and latitude column with map

Hello all,

I am a little confused. I want to show addresses on the map and now I have a longitude and latitude column. Now I must create an extra column where the two values are together (separated by a comma), right? I did that, as you can see in the picture, with an “array column”, is that correct so far?
But when I go to the map component, I can’t find this column in the “Address”. What am I doing wrong and can you please tell me how to do this correctly to achieve my goal?

Thanks a lot

First of all, I would change the Latitude and Longitude columns to text columns instead of numeric columns. I’m pretty sure that comma as a decimal is going to give you problems.

Second, you don’t want to create an array from each value. Instead you want to use a Template column to join the values with a comma.


That was the problem. Thank you Jeff!

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