Confused - Like + Rating Components Don't Work?

I’ve been playing around with the like + rating components, and don’t see how these can be used.

If any user clicks like or rate for something it wipes out the like or rating of the previous user. It’s basically set up for one global user. Instead of ‘averaging’ the total number of votes.

Surely I’m missing something?

I don’t see how these two components can be used in any app that has more than 1 user.

The rating component, as of now, is best used inside a form. I haven’t used the like component but until we have rollup over user-specific columns, it won’t work the way I think you want it to work.

If you want to use a custom rating that you can have an average, see this video by Robert.

Still you have to bring it inside a form.

Also, just to add, the key words from @ThinhDinh’s post are ‘user specific’. Sounds like you are using regular columns. User Specific columns would allow each user to select a Like or Rating unique to them, but there’s not much you can do with that at the moment.

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