Configure what hours are displayed on Calendar Week View widget

I have a calendar configured to display appointments for users.

However, by default it displays all hours of the day, starting with 00:00.

I’d like the ability to be able to choose the start time that the calendar displays.

Something more practical say 07:00am. As it’s very unlikely anyone would ever need to use the hours 00:00 - 07:00am.

Could you please advise on how this would be achievable.

Currently the user has to scroll quite far into the calendar to begin viewing their appointments, which is a poor user experience.

Also is it possible to switch calendar views depending on the devices the user is using? Mobile/Desktop for example.

Thanks in advance

This is more of a feature request, so I’ll change the category. I agree that this would be a nice feature.

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I also have this problem. So is it possible right now to view a calendar between 7.00 am and 9.00 pm? Or is it something that should be implemented by glide in the future ?
Thank you