Conditional tab display

Hello Glide team and gliders,

Not sure this request has been posted before, so let’s go : I would love having tabs displayed upon conditions, mainly for tabs in the hamburger menu.

Let’s assume I provide a template to customers. Some customers may need all tabs, some others only part of them. If they don’t need it, they would deactivate these tabs in their admin menu and that’s it. With the possibility to activate these unused tabs later, if required / needed.

Today the visibility option for component is a great feature, lot of added value. If it could be extended to tabs, it would be amazing and very useful.

Thanks for your feedback!



Could be neat. BONUS: Conditional Tab Icons. Display a girl user icon if gender:female is true, etc.


I would love to see this as well!

Conditional tab display would be definitely useful to my project right now.

The context being that the main screen has a menu made of multiple images; no tabs should be visible at this point.

When one of the images is selected it links to a new screen at which point two tabs should be available. Both tabs are detailed views using multiple components.