Computising End Dates

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I realise there have been similar comments around this, but I wanted to get something clear.

I am creating a Football (soccer for the other side of the pond :wink: ) app. The “matches” are scheduled events.

So my app will have the ability to create a new match, with an oppoenent but ideally, I want it so that a start time is defined. Based on the start time, it calculates 2 hours (120 minutes) (45 minutes per half + break and extras) so the end time is pre-defined and wont be deviated from. Is there a way to create an event, select a start time and it auto populates the end time for 120 minutes later, or whatever period of time I wish after the start time?


Yeah, that’s easy with the Glide math column. To add 2 hours to a start time, the formula to use would be Start + 2/24


Thanks @Darren_Murphy hat has worked nicely :slight_smile:


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