Compose Email Signature

When I use Compose email it selected the default email account (which is OK ) but does not include the email signature. This has to be done manually.

Is there a setting I missed or is this what to expect?

There is no setting in Glide that would affect that, but there could be a setting in the email client that does. If there is, I’d imagine that it varies from client to client.

Thanks Darren

Must be something in the integration as auto signature insert works in the client right now.

I’ll do a little research and suggest an enhancement.

This explains it I think


When you use a MAPI-compliant program to create a new email message, the message may not contain the default Microsoft Outlook email signature. This includes, but is not limited to, the following scenarios:

  • You use Send As or other Send commands from another Microsoft Office application, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft PowerPoint. This scenario typically occurs when you use a command to send the current file as an attachment.
  • You use Email or Send to Mail Recipient in Windows Explorer.
  • You use the SendObject method or command from Microsoft Access, and you use the EditMessage parameter to display the message instead of sending it immediately.
  • A custom solution programmatically creates a new email message window by using Simple MAPI or Extended MAPI.


Any of these scenarios may use Simple MAPI to generate the email message. In this case, whereas Outlook is handling the MAPI calls and generating the message, Outlook does not handle this scenario in the same manner as it does if you create a new message directly in Outlook.

Nice detective work :+1:

I wonder if Glide might be able to do something to make this work. I’ll bring it to their attention.

It may be because each client needs different code as well.

A bit of a pain but adding a signature is not a huge issue.

Additional detail.

The signature adds if the Body text is left empty.

When you include body text (I use a column reference) the signature does not add.