Component choice in Data grid

There is no possibility to include drop-down lists (like the “Choice” component) in the “Data grid”.
This makes it very difficult to create tables to give the user a macro view.

For example, instead of using a status column (“To do”, “Doing”, “Done”), I have to create 3 columns (Checkbox) for the user to indicate the status).


Is it an affirmation or a question?

Have you seen the Kanban component ?


I agree Kanban should be better for this. You can drag and drop items to the right columns to change their status.

Unless you have too many things to display in each item.

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Thanks for the sugestion, @Rimatcom e @ThinhDinh!

I already use kanban a lot. However, it doesn’t work very well when I have a lot of information.

My challenge is to give visibility to the data so that the user can make changes in bulk.