Completed by Login?

I’m trying to create an assignment list for my at home student, due to COVID-19.

Teachers have provided individual updates/resources, but nothing in aggregate or with structure.
However, I would like to potentially expand it to other students (in the same class, at least first).

I’m challenged right now with creating a mechanism to capture “complete” status for a row BY LOGIN.

I have tried using checkboxes, but that captures the assignment (row) is “complete” for ALL logins/students.
I have tried using the favorites function, but you cannot filter on things that are “not” favorites, and, teachers will need to see who has completed each assignment (currently, favorites are not accessible in the app beyond the login that shared them)


Currently I think it would be best to use a form button to submit completed assignments.


Surely just create a column for complete status and before that do a filter by LOGIN

Jeff is correct, easiest solution is a form button. I have this feature fleshed out in my app. Test out the “Challenges” tab.

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