Status update for pecific users which can be seen by manager roles

Hello everyone,

i am building a app for a company that wants to offer courses to there employees and i ran into a problem. I hope i can describle my problem understandably.

Every manager is able to assign employees to courses. The employees that are assigned to a course should be able to push a button wish markes the course as complete and in their profil this course should show up as completed for the managers to see. So far i have managed to add a button that ticks a box in a user specific row wich shows that this specific user has completed the course. When this user views his own profil, the course he completet shows up, but if a manger views the profil, the course does not show up, because the user specific row is not ticked on his view. How can i fix this or implement this feature.

User Specific Row, or a User Specific Column?
I suspect the latter, given the rest of your description.
The answer is don’t use User Specific columns for this purpose. It will not work, and there is no way to make it work.

What you need to do instead is either of the below:

  • Create a Text column in your Users table that will hold a comma separated list of CourseIDs. Every time a User completes a Course, add the CourseID to that list.
  • Or alternatively, do the same in your Courses table with a list of UserIDs, which represents a list of Users that have completed each Course.

Either of the above can work. For your scenario, probably the first is better.
Once you have that list, you can add a Split Text column to coerce it into an array, and then use that array to build a multi-relation to your Courses table. Use that relation as the source of a Collection on your Users detail screen, and you’ll have a list of completed courses for each user.

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Thanks a lot for the quick answer. I will try it out!