Compact list editing

I have a compact list that I would like to be able to edit each item on the list individually. Every time I try to add information to one item in the list it populates to every other item on the list???
I want to be able to edit each item in the compact list individually but seem to do doing something that changes all items on the list.

The site is Library tab.

Are you talking about editing the components for each list item? Any changes to the layout of a list will affect every item in that list. Like I always say, layouts are tied to sheets. Think of it this way, if you had 1000 items in your list, would you want to change the layout 1000 times, or change it only once?

If you need the layouts to look different for each list item, then I would suggest using the visibility setting to control which components hide or show based on a particular column value in the sheet.

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I would like the content to be different in each list item.

Then you will need to set visibility on each component based on a value in that row or create separate inline lists that point to separate sheets for each individual list item. If you have 10 different list items that need to be different, then you will need 10 different sheets. Setting visibility on each component may be simpler depending on how many different list items you have. Also keep in mind that most components will not show if the column for that row is empty, so that’s another way to control how things look for each list item details.

I have no idea how I have gotten this far building this app. I am watching videos, taking notes, and trying things. I have built and maintain websites and have been using computers since DOS days, but this is eluding me. Maybe because I am not a skilled spreadsheet user???

Also, the terminology is all new. I printed out your answer and have read it over many times. I am still stuck on “You will need to set visibility on each component based on a value in that row.”

I will go back to the starting videos again and maybe Jack will show me what I am missing. Thanks for your help.

Sorry if I’m going to quickly. Most of my answers are typed out quickly on my phone as I have free time. One thing that seems to get a lot of people is that they think list items can be independently designed. The content can change, but not how it looks. If you are familiar with web design, then maybe you are familiar with datagrids. A datagrid is a list of similar information from single data source. Each list item is related in some way. Another way to think about it is an employee list. For each employee, you want to see the same information (name, title, office, address, phone). You most likely don’t want to see address for one employee and favorite hobbies instead for another employee. Lists contain similar info, so it makes sense to display similar components for every employee.

Here’s some more information on setting Visibility. If you want the first list item to only show an address for example, then you will need a column value (name the column ‘type’), such as ‘address’ to set visibility to only show components from columns A, B, and C. If your second list item is Hobbies, then you will need to look at the Type column and if it says ‘hobbies’, then set visibility to only show columns D, E, and F.

Thanks Jeff, I am trying to to get this minimal app together to present to a much larger club. We would need Glide to build it and need to pay for extra data space. I don’t think they will want to do it if it not possible for me or other members to maintain it. I thought I would be able to, but it is taking me way too much time.

I am having trouble with the videos because they go so fast and it is difficult to go back and find specific information. For instance, I am trying to format the text on each of the items in the compact list. Does the text need to be rich text instead of text to be able to edit?

That is the last thing I need to do to make the app presentable.

I got sidetracked, but I edited my post above with a little more info.

As for your new question, I think I need clarification if to are talking about formatting the text on the list itself, it on the details after you click on a list item. On the list itself you cannot change formatting, but you can create a template colomn in the data to join other columns together. If you are taking about font size, bulleted lists, and other basic text formatting, then that needs to be done using markdown with a rich text component.

Yes, font size, bulleted lists, etc. I have seen some answers on the forum, but haven’t found a video. It seemed like when I changed to rich text and edited in the markdown box it then changed the text in ALL the items in the compact list rather than just the specific one I was working on?
I will try that method again. Thanks :grin:

Wonder if it would prove helpful for us to have a mock-up of what you want v/ what you currently have.

My app is

I am trying to put a description of each list item from the Library tab on its corresponding page. I can get the specific info on each page using the text component , but can’t find a way to format it.

No paragraph breaks, etc.

I tried going to but it’s requiring a password.

O pps sorry… it is: birds

Take a look at for some advice on markdown formatting.

Also check out the following thread.
Some people type char(10) in the text in their google sheet. I like to use 2 spaces and CTRL-Enter (or ⌘-Enter for Mac) for a line break. There is other formatting such as bulleted lists and font sizes that you can control. The link is good for visualizing that.

I think the problem might be my sheet for the “Library”. It has LOTS of blank cells. So I will try filling them all in and see what happens.

Still can’t get the text to be editable in a TEXT box. (By editable, I mean formatting such as paragraph breaks.) I can do this in a RICH TEXT box using the markdown box, but when I use the markdown text box the text goes onto every page in the list instead of just the one I am working on.

There must be a solution for this? I have tried editing in the spreadsheet and it looks great there, but then goes into the textbox as one blob of text.

This project is to be presented tomorrow and the only thing not ready is a few pages in the Library section. I am presenting this to a large organization to use instead of a printed yearbook, but don’t think they will go for it if this is the best I can do.
I have looked through the templates, but will try again to see if I can find a solution.

The text box will not respect formatting. You need to use the rich text component. When you use the rich text component, are you typing in the text or grabbing it from the sheet column? If you get the text from the sheet column, then it will be different for each list item. You should be working with the basic text component and the rich text component the same way.

Well I guess I am going to have to give this up. I just tried typing the info info the markdown box, instead of cutting and pasting directly from the spreadsheet. It looked great, but as always it POPULATED to EVERY item in the compact list rather than just the one list item.
My solution for the presentation tomorrow is just to leave the three items blank for the time being.
I feel like all I do is put out fires. Now I have to go back and get the other items fixed that changed when I switched to rich text and typed into the markdown box.

Don’t type in anything or copy paste the text. Just reference the column in the sheet exactly how you would if you were using the basic text component instead. You should be pulling data from the sheet, not typing it manually. If I understand what you are doing, you are changing the layout of a detail screen like I described earlier. You haven’t really answered my questions, so I can only make an assumption of what you are doing.

Are you talking about editing the components for each list item? Answer: No, components are the same for each item.
I think I need clarification if to are talking about formatting the text on the list itself, it on the details after you click on a list item Answer: I am trying to format the text on the details.

It seems like such a simple thing, but I sure can’t get it.