Como podría mejorar la imagen y colocarla redonda

Hola buenos días,

En esta ocasión me gastaría que me ayudaran a colocar la imagen redonda y un poco mas grande

La imagen del usuario, la de la esquina derecha


If you want that to link to the user’s profile for them to be able to edit their profile details, then @Lucas_Pires has a cool code here.

Else, you can use an inline list and apply this.

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A lot of times I will apply RowID’s to my table, then create a multiple relation that links the row id back to itself in the same table. Then you can display an inline list on the screen sourced from that relation. That gives you the option of using the different list styles, including, list, tiles, and cards which give you many options for displaying info from the same table row. With your example, I would use the List layout with the Caption setting filled in so the image moves to the right. Just be sure to set your action on the list to none, so it doesn’t do anything when clicked on…unless you want it to perform an action.

It will look something like this:

If you do not include a caption, then it will look something like this: