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Hi quick question here! (forum auto suggested reading previous threads on this topic but those threads never received replies)

Well a double question, just in case I am not choosing the most efficient option.

Goal-- to display one single user (signed in user) profile photo and a custom screen that will have private info just for that user.

What im doing-- i chose an inline list to do this (correct me if there is a better method?) by setting it to image carousel with the design option set to the size of 3 photos in a row because the single photo in a row size is toooo big as seen in screenshot…and so I would like to align the photo in the center as it obviously makes no sense to have it randomly off to the side. Any help? Thanks!!

Why a list instead of a details style layout? A detail style layout will give you much more freedom for the layout and you can simply filter the screen to the signed in user, so each user will see their own profile.

Sorry for the confusion, thanks Jeff for your response! The page itself is a details page already filtered to the signed in user :slight_smile:
I just specifically need the photo to be centered. In the old days (before Glide saved my life!) in order to have this nice circle photo on my website i had to make a custom graphic for every user. But i want the circle photo vs a square photo, and its only available in the inline list feature.

Use a Title component. There is an appearance setting to set it to a circle.


Cant you use the Title component with Circle Photo? I think thats auto centered.


You are amazing!! Thank you! I could have sworn I tried before and only saw two square options. But yes a week later doing it now I see the circle. Thanks! And thanks @Joe_Gabriele

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