Combine rows with same ID and Multiple row delete

Hi, I’m trying to make an inventory management app where users can check in and -out inventory from the storage facility.

Currently it is constructed by having one table for what’s in storage, and when users check out an item it gets added to the checked out table, while the number of that specific item is lowered by 1 in the storage table.

In the checked out table: I am trying to find a way to combine the rows of the same item, that are also checked out by the same person, so that when listed in the app the user isn’t overwhelmed by having multiple of the same items listed, instead of just listing it once. Does anyone have any tips for this?

I am also trying to check in all of the items from the checked out list by just clicking one button. Currently haven’t found any ways to do this, so would love any input.

A Query column will help you with this. The documentation includes a couple of usage examples, but if you struggle to get it working, please post a couple of screen shots of your tables, and we can guide you.

To check them back in, do you need to delete multiple rows, or update multiple rows?
Delete multiple rows can be done via a multiple relation.
Update multiple rows is only possible by using the API with an automation tool.

Thank you!

I am looking to delete multiple rows.

Okay, so the Query column should be able to help with that as well. You just need to construct a Query that matches all the rows you want to delete, and then use a Delete Row action via the Query.

The only caveat is that it wont work if your source table is a Big Table.

Thank you for your quick responses!

I still haven’t understood how I can use the query column to delete all rows of a table. I have added the screenshot of the “main storage” table and the “checked out” table with some items checked out, to show you what I’m working with thus far.

Okay, I’m not exactly sure which table is which. Is the second (smaller) table your Checked Out table?

Just so I’m clear, in your example above which rows in which table would you want to delete?

Yes, the second (smaller) table is the checked out table. I am trying to add a functionality that allows me to press a button so that all rows in the checked out (small) table are deleted.

hmm, so you want to delete all rows in that table, or just all rows that meet a certain criteria?

Either way, what you need to do is create a multiple relation column in some other table that matches all the rows that you want to delete. Then on your button configure a Delete Row action and target it at the multiple relation column.

Ah okay, thank you!

I want to be able to delete all rows connected to the user currently logged in. So all rows fulfilling a certain criteria.

Okay, cool.

So I’d recommend creating that multiple relation in your User Profiles table. Then you will be able to access it from anywhere in your App. Just make sure it’s a multiple relation, and matches the User name with the Name in your Checked Out table.

To make this more robust, I would recommend adding the UserID (RowID from your Users table) to your Checked Out table instead of User Names. The problem with the way you have it now is if a user name ever changes, then things will break.

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