Combine 2 fields into one, but on 2 lines

Hello, Gliders,

I want to make an address block appear on a tab as a single item. I know how to combine 2 columns, but can I also put in a line break?

I have these fields:

  • Address: 123 Main Street
  • City: Anytown
  • State: TX
  • Zip: 12345

I also have a template field of:

  • City, St Zip: Anytown, TX 12345

On a detail tab, if I place 2 components of Address and “City, St Zip” Template, I get a large gap between the fields. How can I eliminate that gap so that it appears as a single address block of:

123 Main Street
Anytown, TX 12345

I think you can use a template column and have a “carriage return” character between the two (press Enter on Windows and Return on Mac).

Something like

“Address 1
Address 2”


Thank you @ThinhDinh

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