Coding IF ELSE message

Is it possible and how to code an IF ELSE condition that tests a date and works from it, displays a warning message?
Now I can only hide the date field below today’s date, but I would like to display a message, is it possible?
Thanks you in advance for your opinions

You can have all warning conditions below that preset and only show depending on the positive condition

Correct, I use New Action Show message if, I hope to display message when the screen is called and opened. And not when the user click on the date.
At opening of the screen
And the mesage is displayed when the user click on the field

Would a hint component where the visibility settings references an if-then-else column in the data editor work in your case?

What does your flow look like to open that screen?

I think resolve the problem with a condition of visibility
In fact this is very easy
I’m sorry and thank you for your help


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