CloudPulse - Contract Signing

I am thrilled to introduce you to our project, “CloudPulse,” through a series of posts. CloudPulse is a sophisticated CRM system tailored for a client in the automotive industry. Our client specializes in purchasing vehicles online, and together, we have taken the next step in automating their processes.

Today, let’s focus on contract creation:

By utilizing three straightforward components (Glide,, and Google Docs for, we have streamlined and secured a previously labor-intensive process for our client. For this feature, we implemented a secure Glide instance without the need for a user account, which in the context of automotive leads, proved to be an unnecessary obstacle since the client was already required to provide a significant amount of data upfront.

Project Contents:

  • Google Docs template containing all legally relevant placeholders
  • Email template with a generated password and a link to the online contract
  • Glide interface WITHOUT login, but with automatic password protection for clients
  • Glide form to collect legally relevant data
  • Digital contract signing with PDF creation

Live Demo

Contract Preparation

Contract Signing

Background Processes:

  • Password generation upon sending the contract
  • Data linkage between form, lead, and legal document
  • Logic for document display based on the URL (filter to prevent access to other client data)

We may soon release some features from this project in the Store.

Please share your thoughts and opinions, and have a fantastic weekend!