Cloaking of URLs

Day 10 using Glide - and loving it! Huge shout out to Kyle Heney who was who Glide recommended I use to help get started. Such an amazing guy and truly a Glide expert.

I am wondering if there is a way to ‘cloak’ urls so that they can’t be shared using the ‘share’ feature. My use case is that my Glide App references quite a few pages on my website via Buttons pointing to URLS. Some of the URLs are ‘derived’ and someone clever enough could see how they are constructed and possibly figure out the url to other customer data that they are not entitled to see.

I could use or to create a cloaked url for each of my urls - but with over 1,000 urls - that’s a day’s work (or two!) to feed them into or and then put that data into the glide sheet.

So I guess my question is - is there anyway in glide to hide the destination of a url link or to stop it from being shared.

Keep safe.


If you find one that has an API service, you could automate this easily enough with maybe the Fetch JSON plugin or a bit of JavaScript.

Thanks Darren,

Great idea. I’ll check to see if my plans with and include an API function. Many thanks. Russ