Client training best practices?

I’ve recently created a custom app for a client to help solve a specific challenge they were facing - the goal was to handoff the app & train them how to do basic edits in the Glide dashboard, but despite 1 on 1 training, video walkthroughs and a step by step guide, they still struggle with basic edits - especially changing photos for their products.

The result is that they keep breaking the app - the biggest problem is that they keep getting confused between ‘screen’ and ‘data’ in the sidebar and will inadvertently rearrange layouts.

Anyone experienced anything similar?

I’m thinking about creating some Google Forms and a zap workflow so that they can update products without ever having to enter the Glide dashboard. If people aren’t tech-savvy, they can do a lot of damage in the dashboard.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to have this functionality built into the app?

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True, if they are not tech-savvy I would just tell them where the image picker component is and don’t let them touch the builder.

Also, if you can, turn off auto-publishing for cases like this.

Hi Ian :wave:

I agree with Darren and Thin Dhin. You could build your app so your client could add, edit and delete data directly from within the app and without ever having to sign into the backend of the app, that is the Glide plateform.

If you choose that route, try out the add screen, edit screen, and form button :slight_smile:

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