Client preview

Allow client preview without showing ‘made with

You shouldn’t see any Glide branding if the app is Pro.

Need before it’s pro - else I will have to pay until client approves (if they go ahead that is)

My only thought is to have one pro license that you move around from app to app when demoing. Otherwise I could see people abusing the option to remove the branding without paying. How would you expect this to work in a preview environment?

Quick q, how easy is it to move pro license around?

We can enable a feature setting for you to do that.

Excellent, I could really do with a pro app subscription that I can switch easily between apps as I demo them to clients. How do I set this up Mark? Or is it done automatically? Cheers

I’m interesting in this also Mark, I already have a Pro App running, but would like to showcase apps to clients that are yet to go pro without the Glide branding.