Clicking on a card in collection on page 2/3.. takes user back to page 1

Describe the bug:

  • I have an app with left hand-side having card collection of customer names and right hand side having detail page for the card selected on left hand side
  • I have limited the number of cards per page on left hand side to 10.
  • on this list, click on page 2 or >2
  • select a card
  • observe that the page is reset to page 1

Expected behavior:

  • page should not be refreshed and only the right handside of container should refresh

How to replicate:

  • click on page 2 or beyond
  • select on any card
  • see that page resets to page 1

Can you give us a link to test?

sure - can you share your email address so I can add you to users table? thx

Please add and let me know the link to access your app. Thank you!

Hi @ThinhDinh have added your email to the user list. please go to the last page “history” and try selecting cards on different pages

I can reproduce the problem. What is the action tied to each item on the list?

On click of each card, I set the value of the selected card ID in user profile. The right side of the container renders the detail page relevant for selected ID

Do you use the “selected ID” value for any configurations on the left-side collection?

No, left hand side is a collection of customers without any filters, sorted bottom up

That’s weird. I imagine your action is doing something that resets the layout of that page.

If it’s possible, can you let me view that app from the builder by inviting me to your team?

Maybe when the card ID value is set to the user table the page refreshes itself resetting the collection back to 1. This is just a guess based on seeing similar behavior of resetting a collection back to page 1 when a page refreshes.

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You’re right - page is refreshing, which is why the right hand-side displays updated value. But left hand side container is refreshing too. What’s more weird is that this behavior is not consistent either.

Is there a way to display updated data in the right hand-side without updating the layout of the page?

I don’t know of a workaround for the page refreshing. You may want to consider changing the structure of the page so that when a user clicks a record it shows details of the record in an overlay or slide in instead of on the same page side by side.

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The behavior on clicking these cards is random too. Pages are switched quite randomly. Please find a clip attached. Is there any support person who can help here?

If this issue still persists, please get support from within Glide while the app is open by selecting the “?” button at the bottom right. That will bring you to a support page, which currently has an “Open Support Ticket” link.