Clear Version Control and Snapshot Interface

I really appreciate the new update that introduced manual publishing in Glide. It’s like transitioning from Age of Empires to Civilization, and I’m loving it! However, I would like to suggest the addition of clearer version control options and backup systems. Currently, the only way to create a save point during the development process is by duplicating a project. Unfortunately, this approach has caused some issues with table connections, as I noticed new rows appearing in that project later on.

Additionally, from my perspective, it would be ideal if Glide had its own interface dedicated to navigating and selecting specific snapshots within a project. This would enhance the overall user experience and provide greater control over managing and viewing different versions.

Do you mean new rows appearing in the duplicated projects? That’s means you chose to keep the same data instead of duplicating the data. Unless I misunderstood what you are saying.


Yes, you’re absolutely correct, and I should have been clearer in my explanation. When I duplicated the project, I chose to keep the same data connection, which led to the appearance of new rows in the duplicated project. This behavior was unexpected for me, and it resulted in some confusion.

What I meant to highlight in my suggestion is that a dedicated version control system within Glide could help avoid such confusion and enable a more streamlined process for managing different versions of a project. By having the ability to easily navigate and select specific snapshots, users could have more control and understanding of what’s happening with their data connections in various stages of the project.