Cleaning services APP

Hi Gurus

Has anyone here built a cleaning services APP if so please do share some links

Hey !

Thanks for sharing your question with us.

You may find all the public templates that you may copy (for free or paid) at this link :arrow_down:

This link will also show you a basic search in the #app-showcase category. (I’m not sure if you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for) :arrow_down:

Community - Showcase (Cleaning app) search

Hope you’ll find what you’re looking for !

I’ve searched here nothing comes up

Hey @Valentine_Madzhie

Not sure I’ve seen one specifically for cleaning

The chores app created by Robert is the closest I could find. I’m sure if someone has made one they will be kind enough to share :thinking:

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Yeah that template needs redoing anyway. I imagine it’s an app that will let you schedule a cleaning services after a booking of some sort? No templates available for that right now. I was working with a client earlier in the month who is actually building a full-fledged app with this functionality. It actually uses the logic of my room booking app.


Yeah, this is what I want to achieve build a cleaning of house or hotel App for a small business that is close to shutting down because of Covid 19.

Want to build it for them for free so they can expand to other audiences through the App since they can’t afford the bills for the systems they were using before

What are you looking to do with the app? Can you give some specifics?


Lets say you want your house cleaned right

so you have a 3 bedroom house , whole house clean just inside and it gives you a price like E.G 129 and to do inside and the garden it quotes 150

So customers should be able to book a service and indicate how big the house is

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I have just finished my latest two apps. One is called

Cleaners near me.

Will showcase next few days.