Classic apps suddenly jittery

Team ID: KJmCB9lOmw82t70vIBOb/

App ID: fT4sVCAu0bajwSpmh6Tc

Description My app has suddenly become very glitchy and visually unstable. Specific problems include:

  • Jumpy Transitions: Switching between tabs causes the screen to “jump” or flicker, making navigation difficult.
  • Ghosting Effect: Previous screen elements briefly flash or “ghost” when a new screen is loaded, creating a distracting visual artifact.
  • Editing Jitter: When editing components within the app, there are noticeable jitters and delays.

How to replicate

  1. Open the app within the Glide builder or a published version.
  2. Navigate between several different tabs. Pay attention to how the content loads and transitions.
  3. Attempt to edit components within a layout. Observe whether there are visual stutters or delays.

Additional Notes: This issue seems to have appeared suddenly and impacts the overall user experience of the app.

I’ve also had a couple clients mention this happening to them as well!

I am also seeing this. When typing in Data view or Layout it seems to skip letters. I type as fast as I always does. When I type slowly and watch the cursor carefully then it is fine. But that is so time consuming.

Are those apps are Classic apps by any chance? I saw another similar report yesterday, i think…

We are experiencing the same. We are on the Classic version.

I hope this can be resolved quickly. We are on the classic too

We are experiencing the same. We are on the Classic version, Legacy Pro customer.

Hey folks, I’m digging in here.

Looks like the issues started appearing about two weeks ago?

I would say more like 4 weeks ago or more. We started noticing issues after the API deprecation change that took place Feb 1 (Airtable API key deprecation notice | Airtable Support). We use Airtable with Glide. We believe we have successfully reconnected the two, but the integration feels unstable, the pages are jittery, and the map doesn’t work properly.

Not sure exactly when it started, but I’ve noticed it too lately. The first tab in my app is an inline list. The problem seems to present itself when I view the details for a list item and then go back to the list. Happens elsewhere in the app too. Kind of hit or miss.

Team ID: 0
App ID: Fgj6Xpn867o0k29ntbZa

No support on any of my apps, so kind of riding it out.

Classic app as well?

Yes, I’ve only noticed it on Classic apps so far. App still works fine otherwise. Trying to get away from classic apps, but a few stars need to align before that happens.

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Am facing the same issue too! Are there any plans to resolve this? Or is the official recommendation to just transition away from classic apps please? Will need to plan resources for this if so. :joy:

I’m experiencing a similar issue on any list search screen. The screen looks like it’s constantly refreshing until we click on an item in our list view then it stabilizes. Classic App user as well. Love to know if you come up with a fix!