Choice option overwrite other value

I was trying to set language and when i choose one option that action will delete overwrite the other choice

for example,

  1. have Japanese and English choices in cells
  2. choose English
  3. Overwrite Japanese cell with English on it…

Is there any way to prevent this problem.
I am using Details screen to chooses language to show menu


It sounds like you might be writing the value to the same destination as the choices. (They should be different)

I like to have a “resource” tab where I put all of my choice component options. Then write the value to a different sheet all together. (Maybe your user profiles tab if you have one)

It’s a good idea to create a user specific column to hold the selection of the choice component. This way each user could choose his language preference without overwriting one another.

I hope this helps!


Thanks for your help Eric,

I could solve the problem i was facing to with. your kind help.

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translating apps screens is a fun thing to do…
check out this template demo…


Templates Market

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