Choice, multiple selection blocking selections

Anyone come across the issue of CHOICE component Multiple select blocking certain items in the data column.
As you can see its a simple list but certain items wont select.

Are you writing these names directly to the choice column or are you writing something else, like rowIDs?

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I am writing to user rows with row ID,s.
Will this have an influence?

I think he meant if you are writing the name of the choice or another value, such as rowid’s from the choice table. It appears that you are writing the name of the choices. Typically people run into problems if they have two choices with the same name or the same underlying Value.

Depending on the situation (and it’s really up to personal preference), sometimes I like to add Row ID’s or some other unique identifier to my choice table and then set up the choice component to display the friendly name, but actually write the rowid instead. This is safer in the long run if you would need to update your skill name, such as changing the name or fixing a spelling mistake. If you write the rowid’s instead, then it won’t break anything due to a name mismatch. Row ID’s, on the other hand, will never change.

It looks like you don’t have Row ID’s in your choices table, but it would be easy to add it, and change your choice component to write the skill row id as the value instead of the skill name.

Back to your problem, I think Thinh was trying to determine if the value was duplicated in your user sheet…whether it’s the name itself, or if there was an underlying Value that was duplicated. Typically if the underlying value is duplicated across multiple choices, then glide will hide the duplicates. However, I don’t see this being the case in your situation. All skill names appear to be unique.

I know there have been bugs with selecting multiple choices in the past. Maybe there’s still an issue that needs to be reported to glide support.


Cheers Jeff. That actually makes sense.
I’ll give it a crack and get back to you.


I was able to select them all.

In the past, I think one of the issues related to not being able to choose an option in a multi-select choice component is trailing spaces.

Please make sure you have trimmed all trailing spaces from your choices, then tell us if it works.

Another issue that is not related here but prevented people from using multiple choices is they have commas in their choices. Since Glide uses comma as a separator by default, you can’t use them.


That’s awesome.

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Jeff, I applied your solution and it worked a treat.
Cheer brother.

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Good to hear. Kind of curious what was causing the issue before. Like @ThinhDinh mentioned, maybe you had some extra spaces around your skill names. Who knows. Row ID’s will be safer in the long run anyway.

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Indeed, I was able to reproduce the issue by introducing a trailing space at the end. I think there’s a high chance it was the cause.


Oi guys! I was the same problem.

I found that problem was caused by the commas in the sentences that should be selected.

Thanks for the answers, help me a lot.


hi everyone
sorry for asking off topic…
is there a way to make the multiple choice component scroll horizontally?

No, not for now.

You can show your choices in a horizontal inline list and use a creative set column solution to set the choice to the destination column, though.