Choice Gender Target of ALL

Hello, Brand New to Glide and this community, but I’m hoping to figure out one issue I’m having with my choices table on a dating style app I’ve made.

Currently I have 3 gender targets and then a fourth titled “All”
My “All” gender is supposed to pick up the other 3 genders but it is currently only picking up in another member has also selected “All”. How can I get this accomplished?

Thank you

you would have to show us how did you structure your data and how you are filtering this data…
the proper way to do that is to use the inline list component to that show your user’s info and use the filter that matches the selected option in a choice component.
the value for the “All” option, set to empty… this way it will match all users

I think in the destination table where you write the choice, you can just have an if then else column to cover this. If choice is “All”, return “A, B, C” (for example), else return the choice.

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Seems I’m unable to do that since I’m a new user here. It will only let me attach one photo.

I followed the YouTube video put out by Grumo Build a Tinder Clone and it works perfectly, except the one area he didn’t cover was this one and I just can’t seem to make it work to pull all the values. I’ll add that this was my first time doing anything in Glide and in building an app, so I’m green, but learning quickly.

Appreciate the help