Choice Data At Selected Cell

Hi All,

Is there any ways to store the data choice in selected cells instead of column because I make another formula(chart) dependent on users choice.
Or else, the data of choice is store in any cell in column which very messed.

The choices must be stored vertically as in rows, not horizontally as in columns.

No, It is in column.

My intention is can the choice data stored in specific cell?

Oh sorry I thought you were asking about the source of choices. So do you want to store those choices in a new row each time?

For each time, i want to store in specific cell. and it will change on that cell if the choice changed.

What is the logic for that “specific cell”?

When I make a choice:

Have to update here:

Instead of here : (row 900)

Your going to have explain some more what you are trying to do. It looks like you are opening the details of the row (900), then trying to update the choice on that row. If you want to update row 1, then why not go to row 1 and update the choice on that row instead. The short answer is No you can’t just have a choice component set to always fill a single cell anywhere in the sheet. It may be possible, but we need to understand why to want to always fill row 1 and why you are opening row 900 instead of row 1.


I am not opening it. data was stored there instead of row 1. I want it to be stored in row 1.

Do you have any filters in the “Model” tab?

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…or any sorting other than ascending sheet order?

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