🆕 Choice component's default value now supports value from the chosen column

@Jeff_Hager Thanks jeff, this is what i have been doing for last few weeks too, but my user feedback on this has made to pull out this topic again to find another way.

What i did was set the default components just as you did when my choice field is empty. Then I would make an image by taking a snip snapshot of the 1st tab selected, then use the image to increment a text component if touched and set my choice component to unhide. Users would generally not notice that they had clicked on a image, but they rather think it was a phone glitch that they had not pressed the choice yet and press it again. Using this trickery i was able to get a more positive feedback.

But now taking @ThinhDinh i have now use the set column to set the default value on the selections after user on-boarding, where i have a submit button they hit at the end. This seems to fix all the default values in my app.