Choice Component - Add special default value "First"

Add special value “First” for the “Default Value” property. It preselects the first available option.
We have many forms where the first available item is acceptable to go with. So it can greatly reduce the time and clicks needed to submit the form.

Can’t you setup this manually in your choice component in form and click in the first value and let it by default?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t solve many real problems. I am talking about situations when the choice list depends on values from filters and it’s different for each user.

Couldn’t you get the first value of your user specific list by a single value column and then write this value to the data column of the choice component by an action (if there is a useful event before the user gets to the choice component)

Filters are defined on GDE level of Choice component with And/Or. It’s almost impossible to replicate with computed columns in tables. And in addition, it’s much harder to keep updated(I mean if relations or filters are improved/changed).

So, having extra special options for Default Value could be very helpful (e.g. First, Last, Random).

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