Checking if 2 lists contain the same item

Hi everyone. I am currently making a shopping app and I have users choose their sizes and then want to filter brands that include those sizes. This works great when a user only chooses one size but stops working when they choose multiple. Is there a way to have the filter show the brand as long as 1 item exists in both lists?

for example
User is size 12,14 and 1X
Brand offers size 14,16,18,20
The brand should be shown since the user and the brand have both indicated size 14.

I currently have both set as text list elements in my sheet.


You can do it like this:

  • Use a split text column to split the user’s choice.
  • Use a split text column to split the brand’s sizes.
  • Create a relation from the 1st split to the 2nd split, return multiple matches, and use that relation to power your inline list.
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Thanks so much - this has been super helpful. I’ve been able to set up the relation correctly however I am still struggling with how to have the list then filter based on this information. I seem to only be able to filter based on whether or not the relation is empty or not, so it is not specified by user. Do you know what step I am missing?

If you have set up the relation correctly, then you just need to use it as the source for your inline list. You don’t need any other filters.

Can you show us some screenshots and tell us what you want to show on the screen?