"Check Up" app for staff to check in/out of off-site locations

Here’s an app that we’re going to use for staff to check in and out of off-site locations. A “lone worker” solution was needed for our staff that work in the community and most offerings are approx. $25/user/month, which can get quite pricey when you have a larger staff (and you’re a non-profit!).

The actual app (not the copy) uses Zapier to send emails as text messages (using the cell phone carrier’s SMS gateway). I found this to be easier than sending SMS directly from Zapier. The “Zaps” work on new spreadsheet rows (to notify specific Manager of a check-in) and another one on a row update that looks at a specific column — column will change to “TRUE” if employee has checked in before the set deadline, which will trigger the Zap. Another column triggers a 3rd Zap that will notify the Manager if the employee has not checked in by the specified time.

This app also features an area for Managers only so that a Manager has an individual view of all their staff that have checked in. Employees themselves can only view their own check-ins and information.

Link to app: https://anjig.glideapp.io


Very creative nice work!

Unfortunately, you are not know up date position your manager yet…