Chart over Users completion date

Under my users, I have a column named “ProfileCreatedOn”, which is a date that shows the data the user was created. How can I make a line chart of the user’s different dates?

What would you expect such a chart to look like?

The X-Axis should be dates, and Y-axis should be amount of users that created that date.

Okay, so…

  • Create a Math column using the following formula:
+ Month(Date)*100
  • Replace Date in the above with your ProfileCreatedOn date/time.
  • Next, create a multiple relation column that matches the above column to itself.
  • Now do a rollup through that relation, taking a count of any column.

That will give you a count for each date, but you might have duplicate dates, so they need to be removed. Do that as follows:

  • Make sure your Users table has a RowID column
  • Create a Single Value column that takes First->RowID from your multiple relation column
  • Create an if-then-else column:
    – If Single Value RowID is RowID, then User Count (the rollup column)

Configure your chart as follows:

  • X-Axis: ProfileCreatedOn
  • Item 1: Count (Rollup column)
  • Filter: where if-then-else column is not empty

End result should be something like the below: