Chart customisation (X-Y Values)

I have a table containing animal names, Date Weigth in , Weigth, …

I incclude the Chart component (line) were I would now like a chart based on the above table.

It should show (or be abe to select) the animal name, and then produce a line chart from oldest to latest date (and all in between) with every weight on the weighing date.

Don’t seem able to produce that .
On the X Axis I added the Name , This then shows the names I want and on the graph I believe there is a count of the nbr of times it appears.

Basically My X axis should be the date, My Y axis should be the Weight , and that for the name.

(if possible I would like to link thru to this from anotherview I have, so the name can be taken from there)
|Name | Date | Weight | Column 4|

|— | — | — | —|
|Bambi | 1/1/2024 | 15 | |
|Charlotte | 4/3/2024 | 5 | |
|Charlotte | 7/5/2024 | 8 | |
|Herman | 4/6/2024 | 12 | |
|Bambi | 4/6/2024 | 14 | |
|etc . … | | | |

Thanks in advance

If you have a table for those animals, then you can create a multiple relation to get all related weight records based on their name (but I recommend you to use a rowID to relate instead, it’s much more reliable).

Then, use that relation to show a chart in the details view of each animal. I believe if you set the axis and values up correctly, you would get what you need.

If it doesn’t work, please show us some screenshots.

I believe I already have those relatiosn made.
The Table VISSEN is the list with all the known animals.
The Table VANGSTEN shows which date and what weights the were measured.
I joined an screenshot of an Excel generated graph which is more or less what I would like to have.
It would be top if I can use the GROEICURVE “Button” to open the GROEICURVE page (which its does) , showing the name were you started from (it does not)

Vissen Rel To Vangsten

Vangsten Rel to Vis

Attached are some screenshoots of tables and settings.Hope this is more explanatory.

I think your GROEICURVE Button needs a Show New Screen → This Item action so you can have a new screen but stay connected to the same row. You are going to a tab, which completely blows away any connection to the current row you were on.

Shouldn’t the chart be sourced from a relation? I see you are sourcing it directly from a table.

Wow, that is indeed already a great improvement"show new screen" tip.
I added a new Button component to do this and
Graph is now only showing the selected name :grinning:
But still now how I want it


You have the x-axis set, which I would assume would be the date, but you have not added an item to the chart for the weight.


You are the best . Works now

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