Chart.css — open source js-free charts library

Did anyone try this? Looks pretty promising i think.


Very cool :slight_smile:

Just had a quick play with it - works nicely in a webview component…

This could be a nice alternative to quickcharts.


Thanks for sharing!

Hmm webview? I thought we could kinda generate this in template column and render in RichText) Didn’t dive deep into docs though.

Well, it requires a CSS library.
Ignore anything we can do with Glide Apps - because that is only temporary and will go away.

So I’m only considering how it could be used in Pages.

If you have an Enterprise plan, then sure you could download the minimised library and use that.
But on the lower plans you won’t have that option.
The next best option (that I’m aware of) would be to generate a HTML template that includes a link to the CDN library, convert that to a URI with JavaScript, and use that URI as the source of a webview component (which is what I did above).

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OR) We could take a look at CSS library and try to put together something similar (may be less functional) using inline styles) Sounds like a challenge

Yeah, that thought did flash through my mind. I’ll leave that one to you :wink:

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From my point of view, If you want to invest time, money, and energy, the best option is to go and use amCharts: Chart Demos - amCharts


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My gosh this thing is absolute killer) But i was looking for something simple, with no javascript required.

Quickchart is good but charts are loaded as images which is not always good. The solution which is using basic HTML/CSS is the best for Glide i think.

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I agree!

amCharts is a pro tool and some programming knowledge is needed to create an Experimental Column and then, see your chart in a Web View component.

If your customer is high level or your competitors have a good UI, amCharts can help you to highlight your APP without problem.

Yeah, I agree with this. I want my charts to be a bit interactive, so I almost always use Chart.js instead.

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And also I think the Quickchart endpoint could expire or smth)